To get the API Credentials, you have to create API Accounts in the admin page of your BigCommerce store. Only the user set as store owner can create API Accounts, and a maximum of 50 accounts can be created per store.

Creating Store API Account

  1. Login to your BigCommerce admin panel.
  2. Go to Settings > Store-level API accounts.
  3. Click Create API Account button. Choose Stencil-CLI Token from the dropdown.
  4. Enter a Name for this API account (e.g: development).
  5. Then Choose  Publish theme.

  1. Click on Save button. If it’s successful, a .txt file containing the API credentials will download to your computer and a pop-up containing the same credentials will be displayed.
  2. Store this credentials to a safe place by copying/pasting the contents of each field out of the pop-up or by keeping the downloaded .txt file.

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